HVAC marine automation solutions:

Automation solution for heating systems, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC).

Controlled, monitored and adjusted by a supervision system (HMI/SCADA).


Air conditioning and ventilation systems like Fancoils, Air Handling Units, Chillers ect.

Achieving energy efficiency, friendly environment and reducing energy consumption.

Technological solutions on proven industrial platforms.




We offer complete package to our customers:

  • consulting

  • system design

  • software development

  • commissioning on board all around the world

  • after sale service



Intelligent room (hotel, house, etc.).

Access control.

Lighting management and control.

Air conditioning management and control.

Cooling generator management and control.

Boiler room management and control (gas boiler, heat pump, wood-energy biomass boiler, geothermal wells).



CORAL​ - Cabin Temperature User Panel


Designed to be a new way for control a temperature in a cabin.

Its adoptive and simple design, makes it very friendly to operate, no matter the age.

  • Innovative measuring of temperature direct on a panel surface

  • No front openings

  • Buttons are made with "Touch" technology

  • luminosity sensor to achieve lower energy consumption

  • Setting can be done directly from automation system

  • Fast and secure installation

  • Different cover frames according to GIRA System 55

  • Braille + acoustic signal

  • KNX/EIB communication bus

  • Connect up to 16 temperature units to a single PLC controller

  • LED backlight intensity is automatically adjusted


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FDC - Fire Dampers Control












System for indicating fire dampers position on the vessel.


Intended for suppressing fire by preventing the entry of air (oxygen) to the place of fire.

10 fire dampers can be connected on a single FDC.

FDC types:

  • FDC10 – Fire dampers control bottom glands for 10 fire dampers,

  • FDC10S – Fire dampers control bottom glands with switch for 10 fire dampers,

  • FDC10SBC – Fire dampers control back glands with switch for 10 fire dampers.

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